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Dedicated to teachers who work with students in innovative ways

Why teach with simulations

Increasing number of higher education institutions moves towards innovating teaching methods. These initiatives are often orientated towards enhancing student learning experience. Nevertheless, many engineering courses providers face an ongoing struggle when designing student tasks. Striking the right balance between theoretical knowledge and real-life practical problems is often difficult to attain.

It is in the interest of educators to arrange teaching methods and assessments which reflect aspects of the real world in an interactive fashion. Simulations in engineering education bring broad-spectrum benefits.

  • Students develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills and master technical knowledge of computer simulation.
  • Academia fosters hands-on teaching, promotes self-study, motivates and inspires young professionals.
  • Industry benefits from skilled and highly-capable individuals and reduced training expenditures.


Educational tools for teachers

Your PSC Task Phase

We can organize a special PSC Task Phase for your classroom. The phase is always an integral part of the official PSC competition.

Would you like your students to stand out from the crowd? We can add a unique Campaign tag to a phase dedicated to your students. It will display under the Campaign column on the highscore table.

Let us know in advance when would you like the phase to happen and we’ll arrange for it.

Why not assign one of our PSC Phases as homework?

Students can train process simulation in their own time during a semester break or weekend. Moreover, every student will be able to stay in the game and compete internationally for official PSC Awards!

More ways to work with PSC in the classroom: 

  • Class graded/nongraded exercise
  • Group graded/nongraded exercise
  • Add-on class training tool
  • Add-on individual training tool

Who incorporated PSC into the curriculum?

University of New Hampshire, USA


“We incorporated PSC into the curriculum to bridge the gap between academia and real engineering world. Thanks to the grading tool, we effortlessly assess more than 80 students every year.” Ph.D. Student, Ewelina Brodawka, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland



Grading Students

We know how cumbersome it can be to assess large student groups. To make it easier, we developed a unique grading tool for PSC tasks. The free feature enables teachers to:

  • Grade students automatically with one click only
  • Define top/bottom mark threshold
  • Assign students into groups
  • Filter participants data
  • Export data in CVS or Excel

The grading tool is only visible and accessible to teachers. Interested? Please contact us quoting Teaching Tool for free access link.


1. Define the top and bottom result for your student list/group.

2. Adjust results to your own grading system.

PSC for special events

We can arrange a special PSC Task Phase for your university or organization which would like to run a student contest in real time.

  • Are you involved in organizing an international student conference or a special event for your institution?
  • Are you planning to host a Game of Flowsheets or a Hackathon?
  • Are you organizing a duel between universities on a local,  regional or international level?

Process Simulation Cup is right for you if you’re looking for an interactive student challenge with the maximum reach and the minimum organizational effort.

  • Fully automated online based student contest
  • Worldwide entry all year long
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Unlimited results submissions
  • Calculations displayed in real time
  • Full process description and flowsheets provided

Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us directly at We accept inquiries from all over the world.

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Innovate in the classroom with PSC