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To generate new concepts, inspire and celebrate teaching of process simulation

Teaching Process Simulation Symposium

The one-day special international event is a platform for academics to explore cooperation, innovation and the promotion of teaching process simulation in process engineering. It is an opportunity to compare and contrast the teaching methods and contents of process simulation courses across different institutions.

Lecturers in the fields of process engineering, chemical engineering, chemical technology, mechanical engineering, energy and environment or similar courses at universities and technical colleges are encouraged to share ideas, best practices and recent developments impacting the quality of teaching simulation.

To the event are also invited PSC Academic Ambassadors. Those are teachers and teacher assistants who embrace educational innovation in the classroom and contribute to the Process Simulation Cup culture.

Past TPS agendas:

PSC Award Ceremony

The Process Simulation Cup Award Ceremony takes place at the Teaching Process Simulation Symposium, in the second part of the event. During that time, the TPS participants meet the competition winners. It is our tradition, that the PSC winners share their contest experience and the process simulation task results.

To the event are also invited PSC Student Ambassadors. They get the opportunity to report on their independent PSC promotion efforts and present channels and methods used to encourage the contest participation.