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Academic FAQ

When PSC starts/ends?

PSC2019 starts on 15 February 2019 and ends on 17 January 2020.

The competition is a yearly event. It starts every February and ends in January of the following year. It’s online and open to students from around the world. PSC is designed in a way that students can join at any point in the competition.

PSC is developed and managed by Chemstations Europe GmbH.


When and how students can join?

Students can join at any point in the competition.

All they need to do is to Register on the PSC website.

They also can submit results multiple times to climb the PSC highscore table.

What are PSC cups and awards?

All PSC features are explained in the document available on the Promote PSC page.


Can I participate in PSC?

Yes. We believe that you should participate!

We know from experience that teachers who participate in PSC and score high in the Highscore table motivate students.  We have seen more than 100 registrations coming in because of the teacher’s thought leadership.

The same is valid for the industry practitioners who join the PSC challenge. You inspire engineering students! They look up to you!

The competition is open to academics and practitioners from around the world!

My organisation has a CHEMCAD license. What's next?

Students and academics from universities which hold an active CHEMCAD license can participate in PSC without additional arrangements. This applies to universities from all over the world.

Otherwise, students can request a CHEMCAD trial license on the PSC website.

If your institution would like to get a CHEMCAD license to participate in PSC or to teach process simulation in a course, please contact directly.

I teach/design process simulation courses, is PSC challenge good for me?


There’s a number of teachers worldwide who introduced PSC to their classrooms as a training aid in process simulation courses.

The options are plentiful. Have look at our PSC Evergreen page for inspiration. You’d like to bring the whole class to the game? get in touch so that we can help you!


How can I promote PSC at my university/ in my classroom?

It’s great to see you interested in helping us to promote PSC and its initiatives.

We have a number of materials which will help you to spread the PSC word.

All conveniently organized on the Promote PSC page.

If you need any further help. Please get in touch!

Can teachers participate in CHEMCAD courses?

Yes. We have a special offer for academics who would like to expand their CHEMCAD knowledge.

We offer various courses such as CHEMCAD beginner or advanced training.

Interested? Contact us using the Academic CHEMCAD Course as a reference.

We will get in touch with more information.


How can I grade students using PSC?

We developed a unique grading tool for PSC participants. It’s FREE too!

Once you register as teaching staff and notify us of your interest, we will give you a special access link to the grading table.

This unique feature is only visible and accessible to the teaching staff.

You will be able to use filters and define what is the pass/fail threshold or top/bottom mark threshold.

As always. You can contact us with questions and suggestions. We would appreciate it!



Can you help me to make my grading process efficient independently of PSC?

Yes. We are busy working on helping teachers to make their grading process more efficient.

We have been approached by the process simulation teachers troubled by the staggering amount of exam papers to be marked each semester. We have developed a tool that could help address this problem.

That very tool also aids the blending learning approaches which are of growing importance to many educational institutions.

We are in the advanced stage of this project but need your collaboration to make it fully operational.

Talk to us and let’s work together! Quote Teaching Tool as a reference when writing to us.

How can I get CHEMCAD license for my university?

If you’re thinking of getting CHEMCAD for your course, please contact for details.

There are numerous options to best suit your teaching.

Students and academics from universities which hold an active CHEMCAD license can participate in PSC without limits!



Can I help you improve?

Yes. We are ready to hear your recommendations and willing to improve.

We are always open to collaborating and will recognize your contribution to the PSC culture and our other educational projects.

We are also here to help you. Get in contact with us.

Student FAQ

When PSC starts/ends?

The competition is a yearly event. It starts every February and ends in late January of the following year.

PSC2019 starts on 15 February 2019 and ends on 17 January 2020.

How do I start with PSC?

It’s easy:

  1. Register on the PSC website
  2. Read PSC task description, PSC task details & download flowsheet
  3. Calculate solutions with CHEMCAD
  4. Submit your variables online when logged in via the form provided.
  5. Check the highscore table for results

I'll graduate during the PSC challenge. Can I still join?


It is important that you register with PSC while holding an active student status.

You can stay in the game until the very end even after you graduate during the PSC challenge.

Good news right?


What are the Awards?

We have an overview of PSC Awards available on our T&C page.

You can also learn in fewer details about what can be won on the current PSC competition page.

In general, we bring to you:

  1. Monthly Winner awards
  2. 3 Overall Winners awards
  3. PSC Cups Champion awards
  4. PSC Studnet Ambassador awards

How often can I submit design variables?

As often as you like.

All your submissions will be recorded on your My Submissions page and in the PSC highscore table.

Why i can't calculate some design variables?

As the PSC challenge progresses we unlock design variables which are currently displayed as inactive on the submission form.

You will need to submit variables again to stay on top of your game.

To be up to date with changes and not to miss out on crucial developments concerning the task, stay tuned into the PSC newsletters, social media, news, and our blog!


Why my results are shown as different values in the highscore table?

All submissions are displayed in the PSC Highscore table as relative values.


When the Monthly Winner title will show in the highscore table?

At the end of the month, many of you fight for the Monthly Winner title and submit numerous variables in the last minute.

To allow enough time for all submissions to be calculated, we decided to display the Monthly Winner title at 6 am (CET) on the first day of each month.

Be patient and thank you for your understanding!

What are the PSC phases?

PSC task phases are sequential story/task requirements which call for your action (to submit variables).

The goal is to keep you busy and help you understand how complex process simulation is.

PSC tasks are based on real-life case studies what creates a unique value to your process simulation learning experience.

May we participate as a team?

No. Participation is individual.

You may work with a friend(s) on the task and you can submit the same solution.

However, who submits faster is what counts at the end of the day.

Summing up, same solutions don’t matter as much as the time of submitting the parameters to our server for calculations.

Who is better and faster wins!


Why do you require my university e-mail address and proof of university enrolment?

These are the preconditions for obtaining CHEMCAD software access. You must hold an active student status to benefit from our offer.

Uploading a copy of your University ID card displaying the expiry date or the proof of University Enrolment and registering with your University email will secure your  CHEMCAD license request. Otherwise, you might be prohibited from benefiting from our offer.




May I call your support for help?

No. Chemstations support is available for our customers only. And it would be unfair to give hints to participants of the contest.

Use Tutorials and Videos on Chemstations YouTube channel to learn how to use CHEMCAD.

How can I learn how to use CHEMCAD?

Use Tutorials and Videos on Chemstations website to learn how to use CHEMCAD.

We also have extensive task support materials prepared for you to aid you with CHEMCAD learning. Check the task description page.

Go to YouTube channel for some essential help.

May I alter the CHEMCAD job that you provide?

Yes, of course! Play with it, enhance it, drive it to the limits. But bear in mind that you may only submit the design variables we ask for, not your modified job.

You can view details process design in every Step-by-Step file on the competition task page.

Does my university have a CHEMCAD license?

It is possible that your University has a CHEMCAD license already.

It is worth checking with your department first before submitting your CHEMCAD trial request.

If this is the case, you will be able to use CHEMCAD at your university computers.

Alternatively, you can request a free CHEMCAD trial on the PSC website after registering.

Can I get a free CHEMCAD license?

Yes. Request a free CHEMCAD trial via the PSC website after your registration.

Please note: we always verify the authenticity of your profile. Make sure your details are correct and complete.

Required are:

  1. Valid University email address
  2. Copy of University Enrolment or Copy of University ID with a clear expiry date

Why are the design variables not mentioned on the highscore page?

The problem has several local optima. Revealing the design variables gives very valuable information to participants about other participants’ solutions. For the time being, we are not disclosing the design variables of each participant.

What's the difference between CHEMCAD Seminar and my university CHEMCAD classes?

CHEMCAD Seminar is professional and certified training for industry practitioners.

The 2-day seminar covers content which is incomparable with the content of a standard university CHEMCAD course.

You will learn a lot of important and interesting things that you can do with CHEMCAD.

After the seminar, you will be more confident in using CHEMCAD in your future workplace.





How can I participate in the professional CHEMCAD course?

You can win free CHEMCAD course by collecting cups. This applies to students only.

The highest number of Cups collected during the PSC challenge will land you a free 2-day CHEMCAD Seminar participation. You will take part in training together with other industry practitioners. Professional certificates are provided!

Courses take place in Spring and Autumn.





I'd like to participate in CHEMCAD Seminar but I don't collect Cups

If you are a student and would like to participate in our certified CHEMCAD Seminar independently of your Cups status,  contact us! We have special offers for students!

Maybe you know someone who could sponsor you?

How about getting a CHEMCAD Seminar for Christmas? Your parents will be proud of you!



Can I win CHEMCAD course and the Overall Winner title simultaneously?

Yes. This is possible if you plan your strategy right. You can have it all!!!

The secret is to submit your variables regularly, follow the PSC challenge from the very beginning and share MY PSC referral link with others.

That’s the only way for you to stay on the top of the game.

Our PSC2018 No.1 winner has done that so you can too!!!


How Overall Winners are selected?

The Overall Winners are determined during the latest phase of the PSC competition based on the highest profits achieved in the simulation task.

What is My PSC Invitation link?

“My PSC link” is a referral link that is given out to each PSC participant. The link is unique to each PSC participant and appears on My Account page. Each PSC participant can invite others to participate in the PSC challenge to earn PSC Cups!

My PSC link enables your friends to earn Cups for you and themselves!

My PSC link is valid all year long.

All referred contact you make are carried forward to the next challenge. It means your friends can still help you earn cups if they return next year.

You also have to make the first variables submission when the PSC new task arrives. This is to activate your PSC Cups collection ability.

It’s entirely up to you to decide how you’ll approach your PSC friends to earn Cups for you. Why not join the PSC Student Ambassador program then?

Note: The better their results are, the more points both of you can earn.



How Cups are calculated?

Your first variables submission to the PSC: 20 Cups

You earned  the Monthly Winner title: 100 Cups

You continue to submit variables and move up the ranks, the following formula applies:


Your friend first submission with PSC using your link:

You get  20 Cups

Yor friends move up the rank using your code, the following formula applies:




I'd like to be a PSC Student Ambassador but don't want to collect Cups

Sure, no problem. Demonstrate your people magnet superpower by taking your own initiative.

Encourage PSC participants registrations, drive their quality variables submissions high in your own way!

You can bring your professor and the whole class to the PSC challenge, share news about it and post on your student forums, in FB groups and on the engineering fun pages… or organize the Game of Flowsheets events.

What’s in there for you? Surely the PSC Ambassador title, a certificate, a place in our Hall of Fame, a place on our Meet the Team page and Amazon Voucher!

What is a Game of Flowsheets?

You organize Game of Flowsheets event on your own using your imagination.

Get your colleagues to work on the PSC task while having a coffee, beer or pizza. That’s all.

Maybe you know someone who could sponsor your initiative?

Let us know you’re doing it/ have done that. Get some results in terms of variables submission and registrations, take some pics, announce it on social media, let others share it, write a blog for PSC … the options are endless.

It’s entirely up to you! Use your imagination and skills.

What’s in there for you? Surely the PSC Ambassador title, a certificate, a place in our Hall of Fame, a place on our Meet the Team page and Amazon Voucher!


How can I get materials for PSC promotion at my university?

Great to hear that you’re interested in spreading the PSC word.

We have put together a few marketing materials for printed and online distribution.

They consist of leaflets for students and teachers and the PSC posters (handout version).

You can download everything here.

Thank You for supporting us!


Why it's important to insert correct and authentic registration data?

Every incorrect data or misspelling will delay the account validation process.

We check each contract carefully and if your data isn’t authentic (you’re not a student), we might not proceed with your request.

Note: Your University name is displayed in the highscore table. Keeping the data correct is important to track your individual progress and the progress of your institution.

Can I have two PSC accounts simultaneously?

No. You are allowed to hold only one account. Preferably, your account should be linked to your university email.

This is to minimize abuse, protect other participants data and be fair towards them.

We clean data regularly and we deactivate doubles.



Why can't I edit the organisation (university) field on the My Account page?

The Organisation name must be unique to be able to count participants. Therefore, we manually review the data you enter upon registration and correct it. After our correction, it cannot be changed anymore.

How can I delete my account and data?

To delete your account and data please follow these steps:

1. Login to your account
2. Go to Edit My Profile
3. Privacy Tool
4. Delete my Account

Any further questions?