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PSC2017: No.3 Overall Winner Feedback

PSC2017: Feedback from Stefan Rossbach


Stefan from Hochschule Niederrhein, is the No.3 Overall Winner of the PSC2017 and a double Monthly Winner title winner. Well done!

We asked Stefan to share some thoughts with us about his experience and motivation behind the PSC2017 participation.

Why did you decide to join?

I joined PSC to use the skills I have learned during my studies on a practical problem.

What did you hope to learn from PSC2017?

I hoped to learn more about process simulation in general, how the software works and to optimize a process by not using a brute force method. In addition, it was interesting to see how the result changes by modification of the parameters.

What did you enjoy most about the task?

I did enjoy the challenge of a task that could not be solved easily. It was a pleasure to optimize the solution further and to understand the problem more and more and to see my skills improving.

What role played your teacher?

My teacher motivated us during a Process Simulation Seminar and gave the fundamental knowledge for the task. We learned what powerful tool a process simulation software is and that process simulation enjoys.

Why do you think other students should join?

They should join to increase their skills and learn more about process simulation.

The current PSC2018 task:

In my opinion, the task is more complex which is suitable for a competition that lasts over a year. Otherwise, it would be solved too easily and too fast, so that the competition is finished.

I appreciate that the variables are released step by step. This prevents that someone finds the best solution and the others cannot get a better solution and in consequence have no chance to win the competition. Especially if someone joins the Cup later than the others.


Thank you Stefan for your feedback. We wish you further successes in the PSC2018.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve!

Process Simulation cup Team 





6 April 2018