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YAY! The time has come to reveal the next PSC challenge phase. Are you excited? We are!

We truly hope you're having a great time with us and will continue working on the PSC challenge. We are now officially ready to unlock the next step. ENJOY!


PSC2018 Task Phase 4

Start: 01.06.2018 

Congratulations! You optimized the downstream process. Not only that you brought the economic balance of the plant from a loss of 380 $/h to a profit of almost 200 $/h, your measures also saved plenty of electricity, steam, and cooling water. ChemE’s are heroes! Now you know what that means, as you have been named one at your company.

But your job is not finished yet. Your next project is the fermentation section. Go and tackle these lazy bacteria! Be aware that the downstream process remains at its (almost optimal) operating conditions. You are free to feed the E.Coli’s with more cane juice and ammonia, or even with less if you think that it's better.

However, don’t forget that these feeds have a considerable cost and that the fermentation tanks only have a volume of 400 m³. If you exceed this volume during the batch cycle, the overflow is purged!

We are sure that you can increase the plant's profit even further. Time to roll up your sleeves!


Unlocked Design variables:

F02 (Cane Juice) and F03 (Ammonia). All other design variables in this section remain locked!

Locked Design variables:

Some variables from the downstream process get new default values!

F01 = 39903.2 kg/h

F04 = 500 kg/h

D01 = 15000 kg/h

D02 = 0.9

D03 = 0.05

D04 = 150 °C

D05 = 50 kg/h

D06 = 0.05 bar

D07 = 0.85

D08 = 0.06

D09 = 30°C

D10 = 0.04 bar

D11 = 0.01

D12 = 250°C

D13 = 0.03 bar

D14 = 0.01

D15 = 120°C


Input Bounds:

1000 kg/h < F02 < 10000 kg/h

1 kg/h        < F03 <   5000 kg/h

Input Step Size:

F02:       1 kg/h

F03:       1 kg/h

Input Constraints:


Output Constraints:

Same as in the last phase.

Stream 40 Massflowrate > D01 + D05

Stream 39 Vapor Fraction < 0.01

Stream 35 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 38 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 32 Temperature < Stream 31 Temperature

D07 > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction (equivalent to) Stream 29 Vapor Fraction > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction


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1 June 2018