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PSC Ambassador Programs

Supercharging leadership skills of engineering students

PSC Student Ambassador

Why become an Ambassador?

Being a PSC Student Ambassador is a rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and in terms of your career prospects. Going the extra mile while studying will make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs after graduation.

Would you like to develop your skills and boost your career credentials? The program is right for you. Do you have an idea for this role? We want to hear from you!

As a PSC Student Ambassador, you have the PSC Factor and you are the face of our competition. You convey messages about the challenge to other students and are highly influential when taking actions that have an impact on PSC success such as encouraging students to participate. In the meantime, you develop skills such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking skills

You will be recognized for your involvement in the program. Depending on the intensity and type of the activity you undertake, you will share My PSC referral link with others to register with, make a name for yourself in our Hall of Fame and Meet the Team page, get a certificate, Amazon voucher, invitations to the PSC Award Ceremonies in Berlin and more.

Would you like to become a PSC Ambassador despite the PSC Cups program? Are you a natural born people magnet? Can you bring your whole class to the challenge? Would you like to host the Game of Flowsheets? That’s awesome!  Get in touch and we’ll recognize your efforts. See who’s with us!

PSC Student Ambassador’s Role Profile

PSC Academic Ambassador

Who is an Academic Ambassador?

The PSC Academic Ambassador program serves to train, develop and empower future engineers together with us! It’s created to engage with you, teachers and teacher assistants of chemical and process engineering from around the world.

Do you teach process simulation? Are you developing a process simulation course for your university? We want to hear from you! Have you mentioned PSC in your publications or presentations? Great! We will feature it on our PSC in Press page!

The PSC is one of our educational tools developed to enhance the student learning experience of process simulation. We encourage you to experiment with the challenge and be creative! Some academics embraced the PSC as:

  • Class graded/nongraded exercise
  • Group graded/nongraded exercise
  • Add-on class training tool
  • Add-on individual training tool

You will be recognized for your engagement and contribution to the PSC initiative and the ambassador program by making a name for yourself in our Hall of Fame and Meet the Team page. As an ambassador, you will benefit from special event invitations, channel PSC updates to your students and make your institution/ organization stand out!

Do you like the PSC idea? You have been working with the PSC already or would like to introduce it into your classroom? We can support you on your journey! Contact us quoting PSC Academic Ambassador in the subject line. To learn about our other teaching tools please visit the PSC Evergreen page. See who’s with us!

PSC Academic Ambassador’s Role Profile 

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